The Four Horsemen of the Four-Way Hearing: Big Tech Chief Executives Under Scrutiny of US Congress

So, What Are Antitrust Laws Then? The virtual hearing of the four Big Tech CEOs – Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Tim Cook (Apple) and Sundar Pichai (Google), has been long overdue following the extensive investigation into their actions under antitrust laws in the US and dominance of their place in the tech market.... Continue Reading →

A Step Inside the Magic Circle: Interview with Ben Packer

I was rejected by Linklaters for a Vacation Scheme in 2007 - 13 years later, I am now a Partner. The trick is not falling over, it’s how you get back up! Ben Packer is a Partner in the Dispute Resolution team at Linklaters. Ben specialises in contentious regulatory disputes, business crime, crisis management and... Continue Reading →

All From Amazon Or All Too Much?

Amazon continues to fuel the development and its domination of the e-commerce sector with its ever-expanding range of products and delivery services. Nothing is ever too much to ask for anymore. Next day delivery is now old news. Need a product today? Sorted. But wait, need a product in two hours? Consider it delivered. Amazon... Continue Reading →

Speak Up! A New Era of Corporate Activism.

Coronavirus. Black Lives Matter. LGBTQ+ protests. These are only some examples of the world's current socio-political state, and it seems that the modern consumer is significantly more conscious of their socio-political surroundings than ever before. Consumers no longer expect to identify with a brand - the brand must also identify with them. From fluid trade... Continue Reading →

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