Why Did I Create This Platform?

Many law firms encourage students to become as commercially aware as possible. With us living in the age of the Internet, this is a necessity. (To some firms, I dare say that being commercially aware is the equivalent of being able to light a fire in the Stone Age!).

Here was the problem…

Commercial awareness is a daunting obstacle for many aspiring lawyers. Particularly at the beginning of my commercial awareness journey, I felt that business publications assumed an existing level of knowledge which I did not yet have. I often felt overwhelmed by the cryptic and jargon-heavy language used in such articles.

Here was another problem…

I also quickly noticed that not many existing platforms aimed at developing commercial awareness catered to more than one learning type. As a visual learner, I therefore saw a gap in the market to change this!

ATALS is a visual-centric blog. We take pride in our visual content, and create all our infographics unless stated otherwise. Forget the corporate straitjacket! ATALS aims to make commercial awareness inclusive, accessible, and most importantly, visual.

ATALS is a multi-award winning blog, and was recently awarded Best Legal Blog 2021 in the SME News Legal Awards 2021.

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