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Let me take a quick break from blogging about business headlines, university life and pretty much all things legal, and tell you a few things about myself.

Once upon a time, I made the decision to become a lawyer…after all, my mother wasn’t a fan of sorting out the mountain of washing that my short-lived showjumping career produced!

Many law firms encourage students to become as commercially aware as possible. With us living in the age of the Internet, this is a necessity. To some lawyers, I dare say that being commercially aware is the equivalent of being able to light a fire in the Stone Age.

Here was the problem…

Building my commercial awareness was not easy. For a while, the Financial Times felt like the big bad boss that you reach in the final level of a game. I was overwhelmed by the dense and cryptic language of business headlines (if only they had a Rosetta Stone course in business jargon, my life would have been so much easier!).

Here was another problem…

Although there are a lot of online resources ready to help develop your commercial awareness, many of them do not accommodate a wide variety of learning types. While some people may be content with reading words from a screen, it did not work for me. 

I learn by seeing. Doing. Engaging

ATALS is a visual-centric blog. I create all of my infographics and visual content unless stated otherwise. However, I am aware that there are several other types of learning styles and try my best to accommodate those also.

All views are my own. The aim of this blog is to encourage discussion and perhaps broaden my mind to other points of view that my articles may not have considered. 


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