Legal Innovation E-Book (2021)

When you think of the term ‘legal innovation’, what examples come to mind? Artificial intelligence? Smart printers? Robot world domination???

But what does ‘legal innovation’ actually mean? Is it just limited to technological innovation?


All image rights belong to According To A Law Student (ATALS).

While it is true that technology has played a key role in revolutionising the legal landscape, legal innovation spans far and wide. In our latest e-book, we explore key examples of legal innovation from both a technological and non-technological perspective!

First, we look at how technology has influenced legal innovation in:

  • Contract review processes
  • Time management
  • Specific practice areas

Next, we explore how non-technological legal innovation has impacted:

  • Litigation proceedings
  • Income generation
  • Law firm identity

Here’s a cheeky excerpt!

All image rights belong to According To A Law Student (ATALS).

This short handbook is perfect for aspiring lawyers seeking to improve their understanding of how law firms and courts proceedings work, as well as providing a solid foundation for the dreaded ‘how could our firm become more innovative?‘ interview question!

To grab a FREE copy, contact us!

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