Thomas Cook: Is the Holiday Operator a Relic of the Past?

Thomas Cook has been soaring through the headlines recently. This article is a quick and simple breakdown of what is going on. If you wish to find out more information about the matter, I have provided links to useful articles throughout. What is Thomas Cook? The tour operator company was first founded in 1841 by... Continue Reading →

My Virtual Internship: Part 6

Module 6: The acquisition is nearly complete and we have only a few round-up tasks left to make sure that the acquisition of PayGate Technologies goes ahead. At this point of the Virtual Internship, you should be a Grand Prix emailer. Your task is to update your client on the legal fees that they have... Continue Reading →

My Virtual Internship: Part 5

Lawyers often have to work with very densely worded documents such as contracts and legislation. More importantly, they are expected to understand it! Don't worry, this skill does not come naturally - it takes practice! In fact, Module 5 is a great starting point to help you learn how to read and analyse legal documents!... Continue Reading →

Shearman Open Day

Being an open day newbie, I wasn't sure quite of what to expect from my first ever open day. However, Shearman & Sterling did not disappoint! Arrival: The Eagle has landed. All the Eagle has to say is this: whoever designed the downstairs lobby of the London office needs an award...or at least a bonus!... Continue Reading →

My Virtual Internship: Part 4

Upon reflection... As I am now halfway through the programme, I think that it is time for a brief moment of reflection. The virtual internship has been incredibly rewarding. My legal knowledge has come on leaps and bounds since starting the programme, and I have learnt a great deal about Linklaters as a firm and... Continue Reading →

My Virtual Internship: Part 3

Module 3: The third module of the Virtual Programme focusses on your knowledge of the standard commercial dispute resolution options. The two main dispute resolution options are the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, and the court led process (litigation). Your task is to leave a voicemail to one of your Project Jewel colleagues advising her... Continue Reading →

My Virtual Internship: Part 2

Module 2: The Consortium has agreed to partner with Linklaters on the transaction. The next step in the acquisition is to conduct the due diligence process and write a due diligence report. Your task is to draft an email to the following teams who will be assisting on the due diligence process: CorporateIPEmploymentRegulatory Before I... Continue Reading →

My Virtual Internship: Part 1

Every Law student wants legal work experience. The harsh reality is that not everyone will be able to gain such an opportunity... especially at the Magic Circle firms. Most large commercial firms offer some kind of work experience or vacation scheme to budding students. However, we all know that only a microscopic percentage of students... Continue Reading →

First Year does count.

If I had a penny for each time I heard a Law student say 'don't worry, first year doesn't count', I would probably be richer than Uncle Scrooge. Although reassuring, this much-repeated phrase is not necessarily true. Here are a few reasons why... This is your chance to learn legal skills: First year is the... Continue Reading →

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