NFTs and Intellectual Property Law: The Craze, the Crux and the Questions

NFTs: An Introduction: Another day, another crypto-token! And so, we enter the era of the non-fungible token and witness yet another expansion in the world of crypto assets. NFTs have recently been brought to the fore of mainstream media by the sale of animations made by the infamous Grimes who sold $6 million (¬£4.3m)¬†worth of... Continue Reading →

Bitcoin, Dogecoin, XRP: Choose Your Cryptocurrency

I think everyone has heard and read about the recent revelations of bitcoin and dogecoin, courtesy of Mr. Musk. But some of us might be thinking what is cryptocurrency all about? Why is it all over the news right now?  Well, we are here to talk all things cryptocurrency to get you up to speed!  An... Continue Reading →

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