Selfridges — Going, Going…. Still Going?

The legal owners of Selfridges have begun an auction for the department stores, just weeks after the death of Galen Weston, the head of the family. The Weston family has hired advisers from Credit Suisse, and plan to send out details to a set of potential buyers. But, in the immediate aftermath of the lockdowns caused by... Continue Reading →

Making the Grass Greener on the (Court)Side: The Move Towards Green Litigation:

Suits fans ought to be well-acquainted with Harvey Specter's dramatic performances in court. Whether it is a last-minute trial or a class action, Mr Specter always seems ready to engage in a battle of the words and wits. But in reality, litigation is not this straightforward. It also comes at a price...a very, very heavy... Continue Reading →

From Yee Sang Salads to Knitting Needles: How have Law Firms Taken The ‘Extra Step’ To Embrace Diversity In The Legal Profession?

Diversity should be part of your job rather than something that you have to actively participate in. There is no better way to begin a controversial debate than with a controversial statement. My argument is this: 'diversity' is a buzzword in the legal world that is half-heartedly exploited by some firms to make themselves appear... Continue Reading →

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