Pull Up A Chair. Be IP Aware: The Importance Of IP For SMEs

When we think of intellectual property rights, the first examples that come to mind are usually those owned by the big brands: the red sole trademark for the Christian Louboutin shoes, the patented iPhone, the top-secret Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe etc. As a result, it is often easy to underestimate the value of IP for... Continue Reading →

Did Force Majeure Clauses Predict The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Coronavirus seems to be the major headline at the moment. While the pandemic's long-term impact on the economy, society and politics is not yet certain, we all know that major changes lie ahead. One of these changes may be the way that commercial contracts and more importantly, force majeure clauses are drafted in the future.... Continue Reading →

How I Built My Commercial Awareness

When I first began my commercial awareness journey, I didn't know where to start. I was constantly referred to the same old sources of commercial news: The Financial Times and The Economist. After all, old is gold. Whilst I am comfortable with using these sources now, they weren't very useful when I first started learning... Continue Reading →

My Virtual Internship: Part 3

Module 3: The third module of the Virtual Programme focusses on your knowledge of the standard commercial dispute resolution options. The two main dispute resolution options are the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, and the court led process (litigation). Your task is to leave a voicemail to one of your Project Jewel colleagues advising her... Continue Reading →

My Virtual Internship: Part 2

Module 2: The Consortium has agreed to partner with Linklaters on the transaction. The next step in the acquisition is to conduct the due diligence process and write a due diligence report. Your task is to draft an email to the following teams who will be assisting on the due diligence process: CorporateIPEmploymentRegulatory Before I... Continue Reading →

First Year does count.

If I had a penny for each time I heard a Law student say 'don't worry, first year doesn't count', I would probably be richer than Uncle Scrooge. Although reassuring, this much-repeated phrase is not necessarily true. Here are a few reasons why... This is your chance to learn legal skills: First year is the... Continue Reading →

Alabama’s Abortion Bill

Has Roe v Wade not taught us anything? It has always been best to avoid the mixing of politics and ethics. Since 1967, the UK has done a tremendous job at keeping the two separate. However, the same cannot be said for the United States - ethics has lost out on this one unfortunately... It... Continue Reading →


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